Count Nicholas Shuysky – Count Shuysky describes the Russian aristocracy as ‘…relics of a dying world, destined at best for imprisonment and at worst for the guillotine.’ Christopher Plummer would be the ideal actor to play the old Count.

Tatiana Shuyskya – daughter of Count Shuysky, she was send to school in Paris before returning to Moscow. We imagine that she looks a like Rebecca Hall

Sofia Maslova– Tatiana’s maid servant – was born on the Shuysky country estate and was Tatiana’s childhood friend before they grew up. Amanda Seyfried is who we think she looks like.

Vladimir Lesnoy – Police Inspector, he is investigating a serial killer called The Potato Sack Killer. We think that he probably looks like Ciarán Hinds.

Sergei Pravdin – Police Detective from a small city in Siberia. Sofia falls for him when he joins the train. Daniel Craig shares Pravdin’s charm and good looks.

Ekaterina Ozertsova – An aristocratic woman who is escaping the revolution to start a new life in the USA. She has auburn hair like Julianne Moore.

Captain Pavel Ozertsov – Yulia’s Husband, a cavalry officer, was wounded and then imprisoned while fighting the German Army. Captain Ozertsov might look like Adrian Brody.

Major Dominic Hare – British spy and amateur ornithologist. He has been sent to monitor the gold that the government in Moscow is moving to Vladivostok. Colin Firth is exactly like Dominic Hare.

Alexander Zhuravlev – A revolutionary poet and secret romantic who gets entangled with the murder of Count Shuysky by accident.  We think of Benedict Cumberbatch when we think about Alexander.

Andrei Tokar – Is the Bank official responsible for the transport of almost a tonne of gold bullion from the Imperial Bank in Moscow. When  Murder on the Strike of Five is made into a film we want Ray Winstone to play Mr Tokar.