Congratulations to Ms E George of London, SE21 who won the Prize Quiz.

birchtreesMoscow, February 1917.

Inspector Vladimir Lesnoy of the Moscow Detective Department receives a new lead in a case he has been working on for years – the case of a brutal serial killer.  As he sets off for Yaroslavsky railway station to board the Trans-Siberian Express, he hears reports of a violent attack on a palace in Moscow, home to Count Nikolai Shuysky and his family.  

At the railway station, Lesnoy notices several characters who stand out from the crowd:  two young women, looking terrified; a man in his forties, with an odd accent, who is sending a suspicious telegram; an attractive couple in their thirties, the wife a pale beauty with whom Lesnoy once had a relationship.  As he waits to board the train, Lesnoy strikes up a conversation with a bank official who is on the platform overseeing the loading of a valuable cargo of gold bullion that is being transported to Vladivostok.

Murder on the Strike of Five, by MP Peacock is a historical murder mystery running to just over 88,000 words. It pays homage to several of the most intriguing of Agatha Christie’s mystery plots, introducing a vibrant cast of characters and set against the exciting background of the Russian Revolution.